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We have been providing humanitarian services to the needy individuals since 1995. We started operating through our network of friends who offer volunteer services to the less fortunate individuals in different communities. We utilize personal contacts and local community resources and networks to furnish free services for needy individuals. Our services are contingent upon the priority to deserving candidates for the severity of their condition and urgency of their needs. We are working through a network of professionals (doctors, psychologists, social workers and lawyers) and paraprofessional volunteers to provide a wide variety of free services to the deserving and the indigent.

We started Humanity Service out of our passion, dedication and conviction to service Humanity so that collectively we all can engage in social welfare activities to assist and support the basic necessities of life, empower and uplift the suffering humanity with the help of educational and occupational support, and promote healthy living among the underserved population. We established a corporation on July 25th 2002 and it is maintaining an IRS status of 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization.