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To serve the needs, concerns, interests and social welfare of the underserved population of the neighborhood communities with no regards to ethnicity, gender, race and cultural backgrounds.
Services are geared towards support essentials (basic necessities of life; such as food, basic health, clothing, housing and assistance in placement for educational, occupational, and urgent financial needs).  Special focus is given on the vulnerable, homebound, sick, homeless, disadvantaged and underserved individuals and families to address their core issues and explore different options to help them achieve their goals towards personal, family, social and financial stability. We also address social and economic concerns of the immigrants and refugees to facilitate social adjustment by cultural familiarity group, providing essential basic support and referrals and concrete services, and facilitate their adjustment to become good citizens.


The focus of our work is on the suffering individuals and families that are in dire need of support and assistance for their survival needs. The target population includes vulnerable children and elderly, physically & mentally ill, disabled, homeless, homebound and indigent people. We like to treat people with respect and dignity and serve them with humility.  We initiate our work by addressing their basic necessities of life, subsequently exploring the core issues in their lives and addressing their problems with support and assistance and help these individuals in achieve their rational goals towards self sufficiency.