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Our priorities depend on the vulnerability and fragility of conditions of the individuals or family seeking for help, and urgency of their needs through available resources. However,

“CRISIS deserves the first priority”.

  • Immediate assistance/support: Crisis intervention:


  • Attending individuals and families in crisis; dealing with their emotional, social, and financial issues. 
  • Addressing the emergency needs by providing emergency assistance for their basic needs and referrals to appropriate agencies for further support
  • Providing necessary assistance to the families of a deceased and  support for funeral and burial services
  • Short-term Assistance:


  • Assist individuals and families for their basic survival needs
  • Help them to establish entitlement and healthcare benefits.
  • Providing resources and network of support information and awareness to utilize community based services.
  • Initiate appropriate referral for their needs such as; Housing, Food stamps, Public assistance. 
  • Establishing financial support and assistance in educational/occupational training, placement, Job search and referral to appropriate agencies
  • Assist deserving families and individuals in providing legal information, support and referrals for their legal issues  
  • Addressing the social & economic concerns of the immigrants and refugees in facilitating social adjustment.
  • Providing support for cultural familiarity, and referrals to language training facilities.
  • Long-term programs


  • Mental health awareness and treatment for families in dealing with marital & parental issues, domestic violence, child abuse, emotional problems and displacement issues, and furnishing necessary support and referral to appropriate agencies
  • Assistance in personal development to self-reliance and independence.
  • Empowering individuals and families by helping them for their Educational and occupational pursuits to enhance their learning and skills needed for adequate settlement in the society.
  • Providing preventive and protective ongoing services for the victims of domestic violence and abuse
  • Offering physical and mental Health education through seminars and workshops.
  • Visiting ill, disabled and homebound individuals, providing ongoing essential support and services.
  • Mentoring the young individuals and coaching them to achieve their future goals.