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feed the hungry

                                   Humanity Service International: HSI
International programs

Free food:
For totally dependent individuals and families that does not have any source of income or any capable earning family member who could go out to work and support the family.

Free elementary and Middle School
To educate poor population that can not afford to pay tuition fee.

Child Labor school:
We have started an after work educational program in Pakistan for working under age children to initially promote literacy and subsequently encourage them to seek high school diploma on a fast track

Adult Education:
Adult learning program is also working simultaneously in Pakistan for Adults to promote literacy and subsequently helping them to gain further education on a fast track.

Free Medical Clinic and Hospital:
To treat and prevent basic illness presented in the poorest population of suburban community unable to afford even the basic treatment.

Nisa Home University:
Education & training for young girls and women home bound, restricted and limited to their home or neighborhoods. An outreach service is established through the volunteer ship to educate and train them for the future challenges they are facing in their unique circumstances. Initial goal is to ensure literacy and subsequently they are encouraged to gain High School diploma. They are also supported and assisted to learn home based trade and business model to earn their basic survival need support

Encouraging and supporting students and working class individuals to pursue their career goal through educational or occupational paths and enhance their career goal and become self sufficient
Scholarships: 65 scholarships are given each year.
Elementary:     30
Middle:             20
High School:      5
2 year college:   3
4year college:    2
Degree College:2
Apprenticeship: 3

Micro Economic Program:
Small loans are generated to struggling individuals and families for material and equipment to start up a small business project to earn their living