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feed the hungry


  • Senior Citizen Center for people with special language and cultural needs
  • Specialized Foster Care agency addressing the needs of immigrant and special need children
  • Non-Profit Funeral Home for low cost/No cost funeral and burial services
  • Daycare center for children of special dietary, language and cultural needs for the families working and struggling financially
  • Parenting skill, domestic violence, child abuse elder abuse awareness and training program
  • Volunteer training program for human services
  • Immigrant training and teaching classes for cultural adjustment.
  • ESL classes
  • Healthy Sports and Entertainment programs for the youth
  • After School programs for special needs children
  • Mentoring program for children and youth to help them enhance their potential and success.
  • Health fairs, seminars and workshops through volunteers healthcare professional
Soup kitchen for special dietary and cultural needs to serve the neighborhood community with vegetarian and Halal food.